Tourist Attraction in Malaysia: Top 10 Attractive Places

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ourist Attraction in Malaysia: Two very different
experiences are offered by Malaysia and that are the peninsula and Borneo
Island which is shared with Brunei and Indonesia. The peninsula has the combined
with the flavor of Malay, Indian and Chinese along with Kuala Lumpur, the
modern capital of the country. Borneo features of Malaysia have some more
interesting places like jungle, granite peaks, orangutans and some remote
tribes. For the beautiful islands, colonial towns and luxurious resorts, Malaysia
attracts so many visitors per year. About two million tourists from different
countries traveled to Malaysia
in the year of 2010. The visitors are mostly from the neighboring countries
like, Indonesia, Singapore and from Europe and America as well and the numbers
of foreign tourists are increasing gradually

Tourist Attraction in Malaysia: Top 10 Attractive Places

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